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News (Aug 2009): I have replaced my old table layout with a Google Map view of the sky for each constellation's objects. If you want to see the data in table format, choose "table" links from the list of constellations.
I will link up new hours as I get the chance, and get the data verified and commented properly. Over 3,000 objects are in the database right now.
Here's a Google Sky file which will automatically update as new content is added:

  • HowManyStars KML

  • Hour 06:

    Constellations in this hour of the night:

    This will be a detailed guide to the sky. Objects covered:

    This is meant for an intermediate audience. Beginners need a site where the basic terms are explained to them, and the advanced users are probably already tapped into various databases.


    Instead of just another pile of numbers, I am trying to build a space where you can quickly find items of interest. Have a look around.

    Not included: These can be found elsewhere. I don't want to run advertisements or clutter up the screen with a lot of gadgets. I want to focus on the sky. Don't you?

    The Future...

    Note: this is one man's pet project. I have no funding, and don't get to spend as much time on this as I would like to. I'm still correlating data sources and getting the basic tools in place. But optimally I'd like to have astronomy news linked to objects, as it happens. I'd like to have supporting memberships (to help fund this huge effort), and trusted editors who can help add new content. I would also like to build a network of observers with telescopes who can help keep a steady stream of new images rolling in.

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