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Here's my gallery of variable stars captured in PMDO Sky Survey images. I've compiled a list of over 200 known variable stars that should be observable in this survey. Now I'm trying to build a thorough observing program. This involves locating all the known variables, determining which ones can be seen clearly, and finding good sets of comparison stars for each one.

Here's a sample field, plate 51. This image was made by overlaying shots from 2002-2003. The known vars in this field are labeled.

And here's plate 54, in color:

In this case, I boxed all stars with observed variations in gray, including a few unknown variables. And known variables which were not seen to change are marked in red. Naturally, I prefer the RGB overlaid color images, and I work with those at home. But there's no good solution for posting them all on the web; no form of compression can get those images under about 380K each without destroying the subtle color variations. I've tried everything. And with 190 or so plates in the survey, this would take up quite a bit of hard drive space.

Here's a nice color sample, though. Two variables in Orion are acting up, right next to each other:

The images range from Oct 02 to Feb 03. Here, we can see that FQ Ori has gone from invisible to nearing a maximum, while V520 Ori peaked in mid January.

Here's a time series for BL Mon, showing the color frame where I first spotted it, a frame labeling the reference stars, and some images of the star on different days.

It looks like a ton of information is waiting to be found in the PMDO Sky Survey plates.