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Here are a few sample charts. I created these by using FitsView to convert FITS to BMP files, then stacking 3 images in my Flasher program. Then I used Guide7 to find the key items of interest. And I put all the info together in layers in Paint Shop Pro, so I can update them as the need arises. Note: the grid lines are approximate, and may be off by 2 or 3 pixels.

Stars are labeled in yellow. Big numbers are Flamsteed ids, small numbers are Yale Bright Stars (HR), unless preceded by HD or another catalog code. I wasn't trying to label all the HD stars, I just wanted to have labeled reference stars across most of the image.

Non-stars are labeled in green. The default catalog for these is NGC. Many galaxies can be sighted in this sky survey. I've seen galaxies down to magnitude 14.0.

Variables with at least a half magnitude variation are boxed and labeled, even if I have seen no evidence of variability in PMDO images. That way if they do stand out in a future image, I'll know who they are.

Charts available: [001-006] - [007-012] - [013-018] - [098-103] - [104-109] - [110-115]

Charts available: [001-006] - [007-012] - [013-018] - [098-103] - [104-109] - [110-115]

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