My Bradford Telescope images

Here is a collection of my images from the Bradford Robotic Telescope. Some nice sharp ones in here. Enjoy!
I've moved a few groups to new pages:

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Latest Images
I just added a new section called "Portraits", which is a gallery of images I processed from raw jobs. Here's a sample:

The "Black-Eye Galaxy" M64.

The 2006 supernova (SN 2006co) in a faint ESO galaxy

This one was at magnitude 15.9 when discovered, probably about the same now.
Single 90sec exposure.
See here for other images of this (and other) current supernovae.

Interacting galaxies NGC 4038-9, a.k.a. "The Antennae"

Most of the bright clumps are places where shockwaves have triggered massive bursts of star birth.
Two 90sec exposures.

Other Images:
The Coma Cluster - most of the spots in this image are galaxies.

Red/green/blue 90sec exposures, stacked using Flasher.

Open cluster NGC 6520 with dark globule.

Red/green/blue 60sec exposures, stacked using Flasher.

The Rosette Nebula around open cluster NGC 2244.

Red/green/blue 60sec exposures, stacked using Flasher.

The 2005 supernova (SN 2005cs) in the famous galaxy M51!

Red/green/blue 24sec exposures, stacked using my Flasher program.

Here's a nice wide shot of Delphinus, Sagitta and Aquila.

Red/green/blue 8sec exposures, stacked using my Flasher program.

One of the larger planetary nebulas.

Most of these fascinating objects are less that 30" across, and with a scale of about 1.5" per pixel, they're just too tiny for the galaxy camera. The green color comes through just fine!
Red/green/blue 12sec exposures, stacked using Flasher.